Keeping Laurel a great community

Mission Statement

The South Laurel Recreation Council, Inc. is dedicated to supporting the arts programs in local schools, offering a variety of classes and activities in the community, and supporting teen summer playgrounds.  For several years, the Council has budgeted all of the funds earned during the year as well as a selected amount from savings to be spent for community programs for children, teens, adults, and seniors in the Greater Laurel area and Prince George's County.  The Council spent more than $5,000 to provide free cultural arts programs for the citizens.

The SLRC has a school of the arts grant program for the schools of the South Laurel area and budgets $3,000 for the schools to use for free cultural arts programs for the children held during the school day.

The Council continues to support for teens through fundraising opportunities at SLRC events at no charge to the groups, a teen summer playground, opportunities to volunteer for community service hours, and a generous contribution to the Laurel High School Grad Night program.

The South Laurel Recreation Council offers workshops and classes year round for children, teens, adults, seniors, and families.  To encourage the public to "get active," fitness classes are offered Monday through Thursday and some Saturday mornings.  A variety of dance and special interest are also offered.  The Council supports small classes and new classes to provide opportunities for the public to expand their awareness, knowledge, skills, and physical capabilities.

This group of volunteers develops, finances, publicizes, coordinates, conducts, and evaluates a variety of leisure programs for all ages throughout the year.